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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fishing license ?  No license is required when fishing with Enrique or Bernardo.

How many people can fish?  We can fish two anglers per boat but can accommodate three persons. However the extra person may hinder entering some locations and or distance we travel. A $50 Dollar surcharge applies to third person.

Do I need my own equipment? No we can supply all the equipment needed to successfully fish. It makes it easy for an angler only fishing one day to not travel with extra luggage. Of course feel free to bring your own rods, reels and equipment if you wish. Please refer to

I’m staying outside the Hotel Zone in Cancun do you arrange hotel transfers?  No we do not arrange this. We do however have a meeting location in Cancun where we will meet you. Due to the complications of taxi unions and distances to travel we have limited pickup locations.

How much is a taxi from the Mayan Rivera or Playa Del Carmen? All the taxi unions have set rates for travel to and from Cancun. It will depend which area you are staying and the taxi company that services it. We recommend checking with your accommodation provider to check current rates.

I’m staying in the Cancun Hotel Zone or near Isla Blanca, when and who picks me up? Because we generally have more than one location to collect anglers for Enrique and Bernardo it may be with your guide or our contracted taxi van and driver. We will be picking you up from your hotel about 5.30 am -6 am in the morning. Meeting location and time will be confirmed in your telephone call with Enrique or Bernardo the evening before. Contact details are on your confirmation email.

I’m staying on Isla Mujeres how do we meet in the morning?  The first Ultramar ferry leaves Isla Mujeres dock at 5.30am and arrives at Puerto Juárez at 6am Once you arrive at terminal take a short taxi ride to our pickup location just north of the terminal. Ferries run every 30 mins all day and evening. Link to Ferry Schedule

What time do we get back? You should be back at the dock around 3.30- 4.00pm and then transferred back to hotel or taxi. Due to fishing location and logistics please let us know in advance if you want be back in early.

Do you do half days?  Because of the logistics of fishing Isla Blanca we do not offer half days in this location.

Why do you require payment at dock?  Good question and simply this, transfering monies through the banking system to Mexico is riddled with problems and fees! Its hard enough to run a professional guiding operation without adding unwanted overheads.

Why USD ? In Cancun this currency is used freely and one that is easy to understand. Please be aware that you must use clean undamaged notes. Damaged currency will sometimes be rejected by banking institutions or deemed to have a lesser value. Please do not be offended if you see us checking the notes as this is for damage and or counterfeit currency. We’ve seen it all !! USD is available at most major ATM’S and hotel locations.

How much do I tip? Well that is an age old question for anglers and is very hard to answer. I think (Randall Bryett) that a fair tip is $40-$50 dollars a day but I can tip much more than that on a day say where I catch a grand slam or a guide goes above and beyond to make happy anglers. In short its up to you but believe me Enrique and Bernardo are wanting for you to leave the dock happy and receiving a tip is not what they are thinking about!

Enrique cancelled the day due to bad weather. Do I get my deposit back? Absolutely! We require a $50 USD deposit to confirm and reserve your fishing date. With demand for our service and limited fishing days (only two boats) during our peak seasons deposits are non refundable except where the day is cancelled by the Captains because of bad weather or mechanical problem. On that note canceling because you are sick, not waking up or failing to contact Enrique the night before are not valid reasons for refund. This is Cancun we know what happens when people over indulge on their vacations! Please respect that you have made commitment to the guides and yourself.

The weather app predicts thunderstorms and rain will we still go? It is always predicting rain and thunderstorms in Cancun. It is the tropics after all. Again please call Enrique the night before to fine tune the following day. The weather can be very different to what you see in Cancun compared to the fishing grounds north. That said Enrique or Bernardo also do not want to go spend the day in rain or strong Northerly winds so will be very straight forward about conditions. Rain showers and afternoon tropical storms can be common but also avoided and dodged. Pack a light rain jacket or disposable poncho if rain is forecast. Some extra but limited raincoats kept onboard pangas. Tarpon love the rain.

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