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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my wife or girlfriend come with me? She will not fish. Trust me we have it the other way round too with wives bringing there non fishing husbands. Sure you have booked the boat and we accommodate two persons. Just let us know so we can bring extra sandwich and or fishing equipment. You never know they might just want to have a try at fishing.

Is there somewhere to go to bathroom? The uncomfortable question right? Yes please just ask the Captains that you need to “BANYO”. Most of the guys can just stand at the bow and some of our lady anglers are comfortable just hanging over the side. If you need some terra-firma  or a more discreet location please speak up. Both Enrique and Bernardo are very respectful and very accustomed to having to look the other way for a while. There are no Banyos or facilities at the dock.

Whats the best time of year? Anytime that you can be in Cancun for a vacation is great time of year! As for fishing the peak months are in the summer for the big three, Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. Being the tropics we have good fishing most year round and have tarpon and other species such as snook to target during the “winter months”. We fish all year and know what is happening and where to go.

Is there wade fishing or can we swim?  No there is no wading in this fishery. The bottom does not lend itself to this style of fishing. Swimming also is not an activity we do not do on the flats. Swimming beaches along the coastline and in the hotel zone are some of the most beautiful in the world. Please be aware that sharks and crocodiles are found in this part of the world. Stay aware and swim in patrolled areas on the beaches.

Have any other questions please ask us?